FASTinov Secures Pre-Series A Financing of € 3.5 Million from Private Investors

FASTinov Secures Pre-Series A Financing of € 3.5 Million from Private Investors

September 4th 2023

(Porto, Portugal) – FASTinov, the global leader in rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST), is delighted to announce the successful completion of its pre-Series A financing, raising € 3.5 million from private investors. This significant milestone further validates the impact of FASTinov’s innovative technology and its potential to revolutionize sepsis management worldwide.

Among the investors contributing to this round are Explorer Investments, a leading PE/VC firm which had invested initially in 2022, and Quilaban, a prominent diagnostics company with extensive track record in clinical microbiology product distribution. Quilaban, which had previously decided to partner with FASTinov for distribution in Portugal, has now further demonstrated its confidence in FASTinov’s vision and technology by becoming an investor.

Mr. António Rocha e Silva, Partner, Explorer Investments, echoed this sentiment, saying,
“As a leading independent investment fund, we are excited to support FASTinov’s mission to revolutionize sepsis management by boosting R&D pipeline development and current product commercialization. We believe in the potential of FASTinov and look forward to seeing it thrive in the years to come.”

Mr. Sérgio Luciano, CEO of Quilaban, expressed his satisfaction with the investment, stating,
“We are pleased to invest in FASTinov and its technology as part of Quilaban’s commitment to innovation. We foresee a great future for the company and are committed to supporting its growth and success.”

The successful completion of this financing round underscores the growing recognition of FASTinov’s transformative solutions in the healthcare industry. With the support of investors like Explorer Investments and strategic investor Quilaban, FASTinov is well-positioned to accelerate its growth and expand its reach in delivering actionable antimicrobial susceptibility results to healthcare providers in Europe while preparing other geographies ahead.

Nuno Afonso, CEO of FASTinov, expressed his gratitude to the investors for their confidence and support.
“We are thrilled to have secured this funding from esteemed investors like Explorer Investments and Quilaban. Their investment not only validates the potential of our technology but also provides us with the resources needed to further advance our mission of transforming sepsis management.”

With this infusion of capital, FASTinov aims to bolster its research and development efforts, expand its commercialization efforts, and strengthen its position as the global leader in rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing. The funding will enable FASTinov to continue innovating and delivering solutions that address the critical needs of healthcare providers and patients worldwide.

About FASTinov

FASTinov is a leading innovator in rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dedicated to revolutionizing patient care in sepsis contexts. With a mission to provide actionable same-shift results, FASTinov’s cutting-edge technology offers healthcare professionals unprecedented insights for targeted treatment decisions.

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