About us

FASTinov is an AI-enabled precision diagnostics company in the field of rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) set to revolutionize clinicians' access to timely information in order to optimally treat life-threatening bacterial infections and avoid antimicrobial resistance spreading, morbidity and mortality in sepsis and beyond.

FASTinov's precision diagnostics reduce the standard time-to-response of AST from 48 h to 2 h to enable unprecedented optimal clinical use of precious antibiotics in the battle against the hidden pandemic of antimicrobial resistance.

It is the fastest antibiogram in the world.


President and CEO
Nuno Afonso

Nuno currently leads FASTinov. He has a diverse health sector experience, including Venture Capital with Portugal Ventures and Pharmaceuticals with Jansen / J&J. He founded TechnoZeb/TechnoPhage and HinnovaCare. His academic background includes a Post-Doc Research at Instituto de Medicina Molecular (IMM/IGC, Lisbon, Portugal), a PhD from the Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France) and an MBA from The Lisbon MBA (Portugal).

Founder & CSO
Cidália Pina Vaz

Cidália is a founder of FASTinov since 2013 and its Chief Scientific Officer. She has a long experience in academia, being a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto and having published 300+ articles. She also worked as a Clinical Pathology consultant at the São João hospital in Porto. A leading Microbiologist, she was member of the EUCAST steering committee as the national representative for Portugal. She has an MD from the U. Porto, Portugal, and a PhD in Medicine (U. Porto, Portugal).

UPTEC Corporate campus

  • Science and Technology Park, R. Alfredo Allen, 4200-135 Porto Portugal

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