FASTinov Set to Showcase Latest Innovations at the 34th ECCMID in Barcelona, Spain

FASTinov Set to Showcase Latest Innovations at the 34th ECCMID in Barcelona, Spain

April 16th 2024

(Porto, Portugal) – FASTinov, the global leader in rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST), is proud to announce its participation in the upcoming 34th Edition of the European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), from 27 to 30 of April in Barcelona, Spain.

ECCMID is renowned as the premier gathering for professionals in the field of clinical microbiology, attracting a diverse array of researchers, practitioners, and industry leaders from across Europe and beyond. As the world’s leading company in rapid AST with its ultra-rapid 2h AST, FASTinov has shown in past editions its transformational technology. FASTinov will showcase in 2024 how this technology is now used in real hospitals in Europe, and how it impacts the life of real patients in Europe. We are eager to engage with fellow experts, share insights, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue surrounding microbiology research and innovation.

“We are excited to participate in ECCMID and connect with colleagues and collaborators who share our passion for advancing the management of severe bacterial infection in sepsis patients,”
said Nuno Afonso, CEO of FASTinov.
“This congress presents a valuable opportunity for us to not only showcase how our 2h AST consistently drives same-shift therapy adjustment in real European hospital settings, but also to learn from others and foster collaborations that drive meaningful progress in our field.”

FASTinov will be at Booth D39 showcasing its cutting-edge solutions and discussing how hospitals in Europe are already using them to improve sepsis patient outcomes. Additionally, the company’s three poster publications will highlight the last year’s R&D advancements, and present the results obtained from the 6 customer evaluations completed in Portugal in 2023 (some now in routine use served by local partner Quilaban), , further confirming FASTinov’s ability to consistently deliver same-shift AST results:
– A simple protocol for rapid bacterial identification by MALDI-TOF MS directly from positive blood cultures (P2005 – 12:00, 27th April)
– FASTinov ultra-rapid AST directly from positive blood cultures: evaluation study in 6 Portuguese hospitals (P1629 – 12:00, 29th April)
– Carbapenemase detection by flow cytometry: a rapid and promising technology (P1775 – 12:00, 29th April)

About FASTinov

FASTinov is a leading innovator in rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dedicated to revolutionizing patient care in sepsis contexts. With a mission to transform severe bacterial infection management in sepsis patient by providing actionable same-shift results, FASTinov’s cutting-edge technology offers healthcare professionals unprecedented timely insights for targeted treatment decisions.

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