FASTinov and Quilaban run Launch Event for Product Distribution in Portugal

FASTinov and Quilaban run Launch Event for Product Distribution in Portugal

November 22nd 2023

(Porto, Portugal) – FASTinov and Quilaban are thrilled to announce the formal launch of the distribution of FASTinov’s cutting-edge products through Quilaban. The launch event, held on November 22nd, 2023, as part of the Quilaban Academy Series, was a resounding success, with over 50 healthcare professionals in attendance, demonstrating great excitement and enthusiasm for the collaboration.

The event served as a platform for introducing FASTinov’s innovative technology to healthcare providers, showcasing its potential to revolutionize patient care. Nuno Afonso, representing FASTinov, and Artur Silva, from Quilaban, warmly welcomed the participants, underscoring the significance of the partnership in advancing healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes.

Dr. Cidália Pina Vaz, Chief Scientific Officer of FASTinov, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the technology, providing insights into its capabilities and benefits. Attendees gained a deeper understanding of how FASTinov’s products can streamline antimicrobial susceptibility testing processes and empower healthcare professionals to make informed treatment decisions.

One of the highlights of the event was the opportunity for initial users of FASTinov’s technology at IPO Porto and Centro Hospitalar Universitário de Coimbra to share their experiences and present their initial data to the audience. Their firsthand accounts provided valuable insights into the practical application and real-world impact of FASTinov’s products, further reinforcing confidence in the technology among attendees.

“We are thrilled to celebrate the formal launch of our distribution partnership with Quilaban through this successful event,
said Nuno Afonso, CEO of FASTinov.
“This collaboration represents a significant step forward in our mission to make our innovative technology accessible to healthcare providers worldwide. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Quilaban and for the enthusiastic response from the healthcare community.”

Artur Silva, representing Quilaban, echoed these sentiments, expressing his excitement about the partnership and the potential of FASTinov’s products to drive positive change in healthcare delivery.
“We are proud to be partnering with FASTinov to bring their groundbreaking technology to healthcare providers in our region. The success of today’s event is a testament to the value and impact of this collaboration, and we look forward to working together to serve the needs of our customers and improve patient care.”

As FASTinov and Quilaban embark on this exciting journey together, they remain committed to driving innovation, advancing healthcare delivery, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.

About FASTinov

FASTinov is a leading innovator in rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dedicated to revolutionizing patient care in sepsis contexts. With a mission to provide actionable same-shift results, FASTinov’s cutting-edge technology offers healthcare professionals unprecedented insights for targeted treatment decisions.

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