FASTinov Set to Showcase Latest Advancements at the XXVII SEIMC Spanish National Congress in Zaragoza, Spain

FASTinov Set to Showcase Latest Advancements at the XXVII SEIMC Spanish National Congress in Zaragoza, Spain

May 27th 2024

(Porto, Portugal) – FASTinov, the frontrunner in rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST), is pleased to announce its participation in the upcoming 27th Edition of the Spanish National Congress of the Society of Infectious Diseases and Clinical Microbiology (SEIMC), scheduled to take place from the 30th of May to 1st of June in the Palacio de Congresos de Zaragoza, Spain.

As one of the most influential congresses in Spain in clinical microbiology and infectious diseases, SEIMC offers an unparalleled platform for engagement between practitioners, researchers and the industry. In this edition, FASTinov will be in Booth 45 showcasing its ultra-rapid 2h AST performed directly from blood cultures that delivers results in the same shift, and how hospitals in Europe are already using it to improve sepsis patient outcomes.

“We are excited to participate in this year’s edition of SEIMC and connect with Spain’s top clinical microbiologists, who understand the threat that antimicrobial resistance poses to healthcare and understand the need to have an AST report in the same shift the blood culture flags positive.”
said Nuno Afonso, CEO of FASTinov.
“SEIMC presents a valuable opportunity for us to showcase the advancements that FASTinov has made since last year, and the real-world evidence that was obtained in customer sites and during hospital evaluations”

In fact, the company is proudly announcing two publications submitted by the renowned Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocíoin which FASTinov results using blood cultures and colonies will be showcased, further confirming its accuracy and ability to consistently deliver same-shift AST results:
• Evaluación del sistema ultrarrápido de citometría de flujo para la determinación de la sensibilidad FASTinov en cepas de Pseudomonas aeruginosa desde colonia (Oral communication – 09:30, 31 May)
• Evaluación de un antibiograma rápido cualitativo para bacteriemias por gram negativos basado en citometría de flujo (Poster communication – 14:30, 31 May)

About FASTinov

FASTinov is a leading innovator in rapid antimicrobial susceptibility testing, dedicated to revolutionizing patient care in sepsis contexts. With a mission to transform severe bacterial infection management in sepsis patient by providing actionable same-shift results, FASTinov’s cutting-edge technology offers healthcare professionals unprecedented timely insights for targeted treatment decisions.

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