FASTinov collaborates with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to bring ultra-rapid 2h-AST disruptive technology to clinical microbiology laboratories

FASTinov collaborates with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to bring ultra-rapid 2h-AST disruptive technology to clinical microbiology laboratories

January 6th 2023

(Porto, Portugal and Indianapolis, United States) – FASTinov announced today an agreement with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to be an authorized partner for the company’s highly reputable flow cytometry analyzers to clinical microbiology laboratories introducing FASTinov’s ultra-rapid 2h-Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing.

Under the agreement, while commercializing its products now CE-marked, FASTinov will partner with Beckman Coulter Life Sciences to offer its DxFLEX flow cytometry analyzer to its microbiology customer base. In addition, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences will install, provide training and service the instrument at customer sites.

In relation to the collaboration, Nuno Afonso, CEO of FASTinov, said,
“We are thrilled with this collaboration. Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is the leading manufacturer of flow cytometers with a reputation for excellence and reliability for many decades in clinical laboratories worldwide. FASTinov is now bringing the 2h-phenotypic-susceptibility technology to its clinical microbiology customers and the excellence that leading hospitals require today to secure same shift optimal antibiotic use in critically ill patients with bacterial infection.

Cidália Pina Vaz, CSO and co-founder of FASTinov said:
“The DxFLEX instrument has provided the most reliable and consistent results and our customers will love the simplicity of its use.

Ricardo Sousa, COO, FASTinov adds that
“FASTinov’s technology is transformative in the field of Susceptibility testing not only because it delivers the fastest response times, but also because it uses flow cytometry, a proven technology with high-quality instruments already available worldwide, notably flow cytometers from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.

“We strive to be a trusted and preferred partner to the life sciences community,”
said Dr. Mario Koksch, Vice President and General Manager of the Flow Cytometry Business Unit at Beckman Coulter Life Sciences.
“This agreement with FASTinov allows us to expand our reach and provide powerful innovative solutions to more laboratories that are looking to reduce the potential for errors while increasing efficiencies and turnaround time. We are humbled to be on the frontlines, easing the stress and burden on laboratory staff, while ultimately accelerating answers for better patient care.”

About FASTinov

FASTinov is an AI-enabled precision diagnostics company in the field of rapid Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing (AST) set to revolutionize clinicians’ access to timely information in order to optimally treat life-threatening bacterial infections and avoid antimicrobial resistance spreading, morbidity and mortality in sepsis and beyond.

FASTinov’s precision diagnostics reduce the standard time-to-response of AST from 48 h to 2 h to enable unprecedented optimal clinical use of precious antibiotics in the battle against the hidden pandemic of antimicrobial resistance. It is the fastest antibiogram in the world.

A set of already CE-marked products is entering the market in 2022 and a pipeline of antimicrobial resistance technologies is in development.

About Beckman Coulter Life Sciences

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BEC LS Point of Contact:
Matt McCutcheon, Global External Communications Manager

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